Regeln Nachschlag

Ja, mir ist zur Zeit sehr nach Nachschlag.

Wer diese wirklich lustige und treffende Aufzählung von Adam Fletcher noch nicht kennt:

#8 Obey the red man

I think the often exaggerated stereotype that Germans love to follow the rules all comes down to one little illuminated red man. Guardian and God of the crossing pedestrian. To dare challenge his authority and step gingerly out into a completely empty road when he is still red, is to take great personal risk.

Not of getting run over, the road is completely empty after all. Bar being struck by an invisible car, you’re safe.

No, what you really risk is the scorn, the tutting and the shouts of “Halt!” from nearby Germans. Who will now consider you an irresponsible, possibly suicidal, social renegade.

Halt! Await the green Ampelmännchen. Consider it an elaborate exercise in self-control. You’ll need all that self-control not to freak out and start shooting the first time you visit the Ausländerbehörde and find out they don’t speak English.

Quelle: How to be German in 20 easy steps

Sehr amüsant auch das dazugehörige German Quiz (I love the Ausdruck Hugshake in Question 10 und ich bin 8% deutscher als der deutsche Durchschnitt! – so viel zu den anarchistischen Tendenzen, die mir in den Kommentaren unterstellt wurden.)