Get out of the Mental Load Trap

How to achieve a fair division of work within the family

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Content of the book

Cover Raus aus der Mental Load Falle

Thinking about it is also on the to-do list

In most cases, women take on the role of family manager. Whether they want to or not. They think of everything, plan the daily life, keep in mind every little to-do list for the children and their partners. This kind of project management is a recognised and well-paid full-time job in business, but at home it is work which somehow just magically ‘gets done’.

Mental load is the expression for what puts women under endless stress. In her new book, Patricia Cammarata demonstrates some concrete ways out of this situation, for women and for men, which she has tried out herself and in her workshops: sharing out responsibilities fairly, letting go of some tasks, creating free space and, above all, applying energy to be there for each other as a couple – this will solve the problem in the long term. A book for mothers and fathers who finally want to live on an equal footing.

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Patricia Cammarata is a graduate psychologist and project manager. Her workshops and lectures are highly in demand, her articles in newspapers and magazines like the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Brigitte and Emotion receive high numbers of comments. Her blog gets around 850,000 clicks a year. She is bestselling author with Spiegel magazine.
Patricia Cammarata lives with her children and her partner in Berlin.

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